Thesis V2.03 My Worst Ever Theme

It’s my personal opinion that Thesis V2.03 sucks. I’ve run this blog on Thesis 1.something ever since its conception. I originally bought Thesis because it was supposed to work out straight out of the box. It didn’t. I needed to learn Hooks to get it to do the stuff that I wanted it to. What a lot of bullshit! I decided to keep it for this blog while I ran all my other blogs on a theme I found that actually worked right out of the box. That Theme is FlexSqueeze2!

These are my other blogs.

  1. A Loving Memorial: A blog that came about after the death of Josie Zollo, my beautiful sister-in-law.
  2. WellBlogMe: My first blog which I originally started because I read that Google loved changing content and I figured a blog was the way to do it. As this blog was part of my The Elusive Pot Of Gold domain I thought that any PR gained by the blog would pas onto the main site and I reckon it did.
  3. BlogSire: My second blog. The intention for this blog was to pass on some of the information I had gained through my blogging ventures onto my readers. It contains a blogging tutorial in how to blog for money as well as blogging tips and tricks. I also try to pass on any SEO, Search Engine Optimization, techniques I have picked up along the way.
  4. SBizzTech: My third blog was a journey into sharing my experience in the business and technology sector. My technology knowledge is rather limited but I thought it necessary to give me a leg in gaining some ‘paid post’ opportunity in this field. Paid Posts are where you get paid to write posts for companies and are virtual ‘blogging ads’, something which I feel is a necessary evil for earning money in this world of ours.
  5. Scenic Adelaide: My first photo blog where I proudly display photos of Adelaide and surrounding districts.
  6. Photos2Blog: My full on photo blog. I started this so that I could show off the photos that would not fit into my Scenic Adelaide blog. Where possible I try to pass on relevant information about each photo as well as any tips I can pass on.
  7. Top Software Online: This one is relatively new and is all about reviewing products that I’m offering on my online software store.
  8. Top Sexual Aids: My latest blog and probably the closest I will ever get to a niche blog, but if you have to have a niche blog it may as well be about sex, right? lol
  9. Buy Online Lotto Tickets: A brand spanking new blog that I hope will build my residual income.
  10. The Gifts Guru: I started this niche blog to capitalise on the WP Zon Builder plugin
  11. Get Online Lottery Tickets: After the success of my last lottery site I started this one so I can increase the earning potential by targeting different keywords.
  12. EZ eSports Betting: Another niche blog. Why not when the last ones are doing so well.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this blog also runs on FlexSqueeze2. You probably noticed something was different about it. I mean, it looks a whole lot better and loads quicker too. I should have changed over long ago but I have this thing about not throwing good money away.

Why Thesis V2.03 Is The Worst Theme Ever

I Because Google now penalises blogs that are not mobile friendly, which this blog running Thesis 1.8 was’t, I had to update it to the latest Thesis V2.03. Unfortunately when I activate the theme all I got was the white screen of death. The forums were useless. I wrote about it on my Wassupblog. You’ll notice from one of the comments that Thesis V2.03 only works on new blog installs. How bloody stupid is that? I wasn’t going to stand for that bullshit so I finally have given Thesis the flick and using the best WordPress theme I have ever come across. FlexSqueeze2!

That’s why I’m putting a bomb under Thesis V2.03!!!

Thesis V2.03 Putting a bomb under Thesis V2.03

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