VPN Service Protect Your Online Activity

VPN Service Protect Your Online Activity

Believe it or not you need a VPN service to protect your online world! NordVPN offers you an affordable, reliable VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to securely access the internet through a private network of servers. Much like how a firewall protects the data on your personal computer, a VPN protects your internet activity.

The following image shows you in an east to understand way how a VPN works.

How Does VPN Work

What does a VPN do?

  • Encrypts your internet traffic, protecting you from anyone monitoring a WiFi network
  • Masks your connection location, allowing you to avoid pesky geographic blocks. Perfect for keeping access to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc. while you travel
  • Hides your internet activity making it impossible to gather information on your browsing and download habits
  • Hides your IP address to protect your identity and location
  • And more!

Best of all, everything you do on the internet through the VPN is completely anonymous, private, and encrypted. None of the traffic is monitored or limited in any way, and no logs are kept. This allows you to comfortably browse the internet knowing nobody can see what you’re doing.

So screw big Brother and everybody else that wants to know what you’re doing online. Stop hackers and prying eyes by investing in a good VPN service.

Most people don’t like to join any online company unless they come with some form of positive recommendations. NordVPN has been reviewed in torrentfreak.com, vpncompare.co.uk, vpncoupons.com, vpnfighter.com, vpncreative.net, bestvpnservice.com, proxybay.info, securitybydefault.com, vpnsp.com, schoolofprivacy.eu, top-anonymity.com, vpnpaid.com, as well as other outlets.

What’s even better is they’re PCMag’s editor choice, and you can get a VPN account for only $3 for a limited time as there is only a limited number left.

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