Where To Find Sexy Hot Sports Women


Finding The Sexiest Hot Sports Women

For those of you who haven’t kept yup with my blogs I actually have an online sports betting blog called EZ eSports Betting. For ages I’ve tried to get that site to rate on the first page of Google without much success. Not surprising really because it is a very competitive industry and there are a lot of big players out there who spend big bucks to get on number one.

That being the case I changed my tactics and instead I thought I’d try running for the term Hot Sports Babes or even Hot Sport Babes. Both terms are now ranking on Google’s first page. Of the two Hot Sport Babes actually ranks above the latter.

I’m still not happy with that though. I want to rate #1 for Hot Sport Babes. To help me do that I had a quick look at the competition. What I noticed is that post actually didn’t have any text at all! What it did have was a whole lot of images and every one’s alt tags were hot sport babes!!! Just goes to show how much importance Google places on an image alt tags.

With that information I thought I would do a post with a whole lot of sexy hot sports babes, all with the hot sport babes alt tags, That post was called Sexy Hot Sports Babes Gym Junkies.

Not only did that post have close to 50 of the sexiest female gym junkies I could find, way sexier than my competition, I also included a lot keyword targeted text as well. I figured having both should really help my cause.

The only thing that other site has over me is that it’s a lot older than mine. There’s not much I can do about that the only thing I can hope for is that with time all the hard work I’ve put into it will help me get over the line.


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