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In case you’re wondering about who had the best grammar app, I want to tell you all about Grammarly. I’ve been a blogger for years, and I’ve always thought my grammar was pretty good. I didn’t even think a grammar app existed, let alone the best grammar app. It wasn’t until a commenter mentioned Grammarly in my Proofreading Is Important Friday Funnies post that I became aware that a grammar app even existed.

Because the commenter mentioned Grammarly, I decided to check it out. I was so impressed with Grammarly I didn’t bother checking if it was the best grammar app. As far as I was concerned, it was. I was so impressed with Grammarly I bypassed the free version and purchased a yearly subscription. Yes, there is a free version, click on the banner at the end of this post, but only the paid version has all the features.

What Makes Grammarly The Best Grammar App

For me, it’s the fact that it does everything I want, does it so well and is easy to use. A yearly subscription only set me back under a $12 a month, but that’s a small investment for my blogging business. Besides, because blogging for me is a business, I get to claim it on my tax!

Back to Grammarly, here’s what makes it the best grammar grammar app

  • Grammarly checks your spelling
  • Grammarly checks your punctuation, even telling you when you have too many spaces between your words. You know, when you accidentally hit the space bar once too many times.
  • Grammarly checks your sentence structure letting you know when it needs improving.
  • It even has a ‘plagiarism’ option to ensure you’re not inadvertently borrowing someone else’s words.
  • Grammarly saves me time, and time is money.
  • Grammarly does all the proofreading for you.

I produced a video of Grammarly in use.

The Best Of Grammarly

You’ll notice in my how good is Grammarly video, how I was amazed at the number of errors I found in this particular post. A post that has been live for many years, and one that I had proofread many times until I was satisfied that it was grammatically correct. How wrong was I? I’m sure all those errors would have harmed the potential sales garnished from that page.
Here I am, trying to portray myself as a professional, and then I present to the world a post that was far from perfect!

Because I’m using the Chrome app, it’s like having a proofreader whispering in my ear wherever I go. Whether I’m on facebook or commenting on a blog, Grammarly makes sure I’m leaving the best of my thoughts, no matter where I go.

On a side note, YouTube requires I have a thousand subscribers to continue earning an income, something I need, to continue my online business. Please help my cause by subscribing.

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