Latest Imugene Announcement

Latest Imugene Announcement

I’ve been an Imugene shareholder for many years. I knew from day one that Imugene would be one of those speculative shares, but then you have to have at least one of those in your portfolio, right? I’ve noticed that Imugene has been performing a little better lately. I thought that there might be others out there who were wondering about Imugene which is why I’ve decided to post some of the latest Imugene announcement.

Leslie Cong’s Latest Imugene Announcement

Dear all,

Hello from Leslie Chong.

I am honoured to provide you with a major update on our MIMOTOPE program, our ground-breaking research from our labs at the Medical University of Vienna.

Today we announced the completion of early development of a new mimotope vaccine that will target and compete in the billion-dollar blockbuster anti-PD-1 immuno-oncology market.

The check-point inhibitor market is dominated by two monoclonal antibody drugs, Opdivo (marketed by BMS) and Keytruda (marketed by Merck). Sales reported for Opdivo and Keytruda in 2017 were USD4.95b and USD3.81b respectively with double-digit annual growth. Both drugs target PD-1, a key switch of the immune system’s ability to find and eliminate cancerous cells.

The research from Vienna, conducted under the leadership of our CSO Professor Dr Ursula Wiedermann, has identified mimotope peptides that when incorporated into our proprietary immunotherapeutic vaccine delivery platform, generate antibodies that bind to the PD-1 biomarker.  PD-1 antibodies block a protective mechanism in cancer cells and allow the immune system to destroy those cancer cells.

A new method of treatment patent (Australian Patent Office: 2018900368) has been filed to provide protection across a broad landscape of possible immunotherapies, including their combination with cancer vaccines such as HER-Vaxx.

Development of this new immunotherapy has positioned our company to be a new and competitive player in the immuno-oncology revolution in cancer therapy.  This expands our pipeline and transforms us into a multi-asset biopharmaceutical company.

On announcing our mimotope program in January 2016, we were cautious given the early stage of the research.  However, the progress made by the entire team raises the anticipation that a paradigm shift in cancer treatment is in play.

Please click here to view the release.

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