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There is no denying the fact that WordPress is offering heaps of out-of-the-box functionality to its users which, in turn, makes it easier for those who have just started using this platform. However, if you wish to add more of bells and whistles to the blog, you’ll have to dig deeper to understand the kind of Must have WordPress plugins you’d need

Of course, the battle isn’t going to be an easy one, considering the humongous number of plugins developed for WordPress users. Fortunately, there’s a plugin available for every single task. But, how would you choose between the ones worth keeping and worth rejecting? 

Don’t fret though! Here’s a list of top 12 plugins that you must use for your blog to achieve more goals and gain better results. 

1. WP Legal Pages:

Although nobody likes to dive into the fine print published over every website; however, as a website owner, it’s a crucial part for you. Regardless of the niche, your blog is operating in, displaying adequate legal pages is a responsibility that cannot be neglected.

If you don’t wish to put a lot of efforts into curating these pages, WPLegalPages plugin will help you to a great extent. Integrated with several prebuilt templates, this plugin makes it easier for you to add a variety of legal pages on your website with ease.

2. Survey Funnel:

If used appropriately, a good survey form can easily help you capture more leads and convert a huge amount of numbers. Having said that, this is one of the essential plugins that can help you do just the same.

Owing to numerous advantageous features, SurveyFunnel not just helps you create different types of forms to publish on the website but can also assist you in tracking the performance. One amazing thing about this plugin is that it is trusted by marketing gurus. That would be another reason to use it, right?

3. WP Local Plus:

This plugin has been designed to debunk several myths about online business directories. One of the widespread fears it deflates is that setting up business listings or directories is a hell of a job. On the contrary, WPLocalPlus makes it so much easier.

With the help of this plugin, not only can you automatically generate business listings, but you can also add more information about businesses to establish trust and credibility among users. Also, the ability to feature Ads is another cherry on the cake.

4. Collage Maker:

Who doesn’t like navigating through fascinating and attractive pictures? Of course, your website visitors are going to prefer watching images than reading the text; on top of it, even you would like to embellish your website with striking imagery, isn’t it?

CollageMaker is exactly what you need to help you with this task with its easy-to-handle interface and user process. This plugin provides a gamut of layout options that can be used to create eye-catching collages. Moreover, it also gives you the ability to export images from external sources, create collages with them, and post them anywhere on the website.

5. WP Raffle:

Another one on the list of essential plugins is this WPRaffle, meant to help you engage and keep your audience hooked by organizing giveaways on the site. By using different entry types, you can provide something different to your users each time you plan a contest.

And then, along with making it easier for your users to register on your website, this plugin also lets you integrate MailChimp to help you grow your mailing list. Apart from this, you can surely find a plethora of other useful features that would help you enhance the engagement rate of your website.

6. WP Auction Software:

Normally it’s extremely difficult to set up an auction website. With WPAuctionSoftware creating an eBay style auction website with many features for sellers and buyers is extremely easy.

If you are a fan of bidding methodology, this plugin would be a perfect fit to fulfill that requirement. Moreover, it also comprises an internal invoicing feature that shoots up invoices to buyers immediately once they have made the payment. 

7. WP Ad Center:

If you are posting Ads on your website, having this plugin by your side becomes a necessity. Competent enough in handling and organising Ads, this plugin would help you face any significant hassles in gaining more revenue.

WPAdCenter lets you create unlimited Ad zones and campaigns on your website, regardless of what page you want to publish your Ads on. Furthermore, to provide a personal touch, you can also integrate your social media platforms to provide more exposure to your blog. ssf sdac and thay not all

8. CTR Theme Plus:

If you wish to get high CTR (click-through rates) on your Ads, CTRThemePlus is for you. Being a theme, it comes with a Google custom search engine that makes it easier for users to find everything the require seamlessly.

And then, it also has a super-fast load time and comes equipped with a comprehensive admin panel, letting you experience a variety of effective features. Its Google-recommended Ad placement areas can help you obtain more visibility and clicks on Ads, without spending a lot of money and efforts. sxdw and fe

9. Heat Map Theme Pro:

Moving further down the essential plugins list, this is one of the most considerable tools to have. With HeatMap Theme Pro, you can easily gain a variety of widget powered placements to display your Ads effectively.

That’s not all, it can also help you develop relevant niche websites. Once you have created a website using this tool, it then saves all the settings in a file and imports it into a new blog, which then gets converted into an identical website. Fascinating, isn’t it?

10. WP Answers:

If you wish to create a question listing page on your website or want to dedicate the entire site to a questions and answers forum, this plugin is going to assist you enormously. WP-Answers is one such plugin that makes you develop a platform completely dedicated to your users.

They can ask questions and answer them as well. And that’s not all as you get to regulate everything. Being the admin, you will have the right to approve users, before they can supply an answer. Also, you can also feature such answers that you find worth reading.

11. SEO Breeze:

Even if you are running a simple blog, executing appropriate search engine optimization is essential to bring adequate limelight to your efforts. With this plugin, you can concentrate on different aspects of SEO to rank the blog higher and redirect organic traffic over it.

Its Page Analyzation feature lets you have an idea of the changes your web pages need and how you can optimize them even more. Also, along with the website, you can even perform video and social media SEO to make them obtain the best possible rank on search engines.

12. Slide Deck Mega Bundle:

With blogs turning modernized and appealing, there is a variety of elements that users are trying to put on their platforms. One of the most considerable element is the slider. The moment visitors land upon your blog, you can intrigue them with an informative slider. as and thef are a

And, this plugin fulfils that purpose. It features several functions to let you come up with a creative and attractive slider. It is completely responsive and has almost 35 pre-built templates to help you choose the best. 


This list of essential plugins is enourmous but luckily I’ve listed the top 12 of the best, not to mention, most useful plugins that you can use to make the most out of your blog easily. 



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