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Are you thinking of moving to Australia or perhaps a little Aussie holiday? Well, it’s probably a good idea to check out the Aussie weather first. Before I give you a quick rundown of our Aussie weather, I reckon you’ll get a real kick out of this funny Diary Of A Pommie In Western Australia.

Aussie Weather Adelaide

Aussie Weather

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, has in my opinion, the best Aussie weather ever. But then, I may be biased as Adelaide is my home. In summer Adelaide’s temperature ranges from roughly 17 – 29?. Keep in mind though that is the average temperature. Only a couple of weeks ago we managed to beat the hottest day record set in 1939 by 0.9? hitting 47?.

Autumn’s temperature ranges from 13 – 23?, winter from 8 – 16? and spring from 12 – 22?. The best thing about our weather is that apart from a few humid days generally it’s relatively dry.

Aussie Weather Melbourne

If you’re looking for a city whose weather is all over the place, then Melbourne is for you. Most Aussies would tell you about Melbourne’s sometimes having four seasons in a day.

As far as Melbourne temperature go; Summer, 14 – 25?, Autumn, 11 – 20?, Winter 6 – 14? and Spring 10 – 20?. Speaking about a vast range in temperatures Melbourne’s hottest day was on the 7th. Feb. 2009 reaching 46.4?. Their coldest, -2.8? on 21st July 1869.

Aussie Weather Canbera

The worst thing about Canberra is that’s where you’ll find the majority of our politicians. Other than that, Summer ranges from 13 – 27?, Autumn 7 – 20?, Winter 1 -12 ? and Spring 6 – 19?.

Aussie Weather Sydney

I’ve been to Sydney a few times and while it a nice place to visit I wouldn’t want to live there. Too many people, too much traffic and a trifle too muggy for me.

As far as temperatures go; Summer, 19 – 26?, Autumn, 15 – 22?, Winter, 9 -17? and Spring, 11 – 23?.

Aussie Weather Brisbane

If you thought that Sydney was humid, that’s nothing compared to what you can get in Brisbane. But then, on the flip side, you get the lovely beaches and stuff. As for the temperature; Summer, 21 – 30?, Autumn, 15 – 25?, Winter, 11 -21? and Spring, 15 – 25?.

What made me laugh when holidaying in the Gold Coast in the winter months was seeing everyone wearing jumpers and stuff and we all had t-shirts on. ?

Aussie Weather Darwin

Darwin, unlike Melbourne that have four/ seasons in a single day Darwin has only two distinct seasons, wet and dry. The wet season from November to April is the monsoonal season and is humid as hell. Average temperature during the wet season is from 25 – 32?.

The dry season from May to October has temperatures ranging from 17 – 23?

Aussie Weather Perth

Although I’ve never been to Perth, I’ve heard their climate is very similar to Adelaide. Summer temperatures average from 18 – 30?, Autumn, 14 -26?, Winter, 8 – 19? and Spring, 12 – 23?.

Aussie Weather Hobart

Last but not least we have the Apple Isle of Hobart. Summer, 12 -21?, Autumn, 9 -17?, Winter, 5 -12? and Spring, 8 -17?.

And there you have it, the average temperature for each of Australia’s capital cities. If you haven’t already, please check out my funny Diary Of A Pommie In Western Australia. If you get a kick out of that, please consider subscribing┬áto my channel.

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