Creator Uproar To YouTube Comments Fiasco

Unless you’ve been hiding in a bunker, you would have noticed the latest Creator Uproar To YouTube Comments Fiasco. The uproar is because YouTube has banned a lot of YouTube channels as well as demonetising an astronomical amount of YouTube videos. All because of people leaving comments of a sexual nature referring to children.

Creator Uproar To YouTube Comments Fiasco Unwarrented

Creator Uproar To YouTube Comments

YouTube in this post says that their “not asking creators to moderate their comments or face ad restrictions.” And in this video, you’ll see a very upset Creator who is shocked that YouTube is allowing this sort of stuff on YouTube.

I can understand why YouTube is taking the actions that they have. I can not understand why so many Creators are upset that Youtube has demonetised their videos because of the comments left on those videos. What surprises me is why they haven’t deleted those comments?

Like I commented on a video today that was talking about this subject. I consider my channel to be my home and people commenting on my videos to be visitors. If I had a visitor visiting my house who was misbehaving, I would ask them to leave. Therefore, if someone left a comment that was racist, linking to a porn site or unsavoury in any shape or form, then I would delete it. I don’t have to wait for YouTube to make that a requirement.

Then some Creators are turning off their comments because they’re afraid of being demonetised. Now, that is a kneejerk reaction and unnecessary. YouTube allows you to hold all comments for moderation as well as a lot of other options like banning users from leaving comments on your channel. The tools are there for us to use.

Regarding comments, I’ve just published a video on how to leave great comments on YouTube. Considering how most comments left on YouTube are pretty crappy, leaving great comments should increase both subscribers and traffic to your Channel. Please take the time to watch that video. Give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to subscribe.

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