Latest Phishing Scam

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I'm assuming that what you're about to read is the latest phishing scam because I've only just received it and it's not one I'm familiar with. We'll take a look…

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TorPedoHunt3r Scam Beware

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Hey guys, I've just received a couple of these emails, from two different email addresses, and I'm posting it to warn people about the latest online scam. It's the TorPedoHunt3r!…

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Scam Alert

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Today's post is a scam alert about an email I received today. I post the scam alert in the hope that someone who has also received the email is not…

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Hang Seng Bank Scam Email

You have to love the following bullshit scam phishing Hang Seng Bank scam. I say this because they've actually provided a bit of a story leading up to their scam.…

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Marina Luda Phishing Email

I just received another phishing email from someone called Marina Luda. I know this is one of those phishing emails whose entire purpose is to obtain the sensitive information of…

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Coca Cola Email Scam

There is a brand new Coca Cola¬†email scam being sent out which is a total scam. I've printed the email below. Even Coca Cola have put out a FAQ warning…

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What Makes A Scam

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Don't you hate those sites that say one thing but their intention is just to suck you in. Like those sites that say, "Is a scam? Read our review"…

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Woolworth Lottery Scam

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I just got an email today from Woolworth that looked legitimate enough but is obviously a scam. You may have got one as well. It looks like the image below.…

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