Morality A Dying Concept

Is morality a dying concept? I ask this because I was just over Mitch's blog reading his post on World Society And Social Media. Mitch talks about some 22 year…

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Online Survey – Vindale Research Review

Online Survey Review Of Vindale Research Vindale Research is the latest online survey company that I've joined. Joining Vindale Research was a cinch and I was offered surveys straight away.…

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Hang Seng Bank Scam Email

You have to love the following bullshit scam phishing Hang Seng Bank scam. I say this because they've actually provided a bit of a story leading up to their scam.…

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Affordable Wedding Dresses

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Looking for affordable wedding dresses? Weddings aren't cheap. I know, having just paid for my daughters wedding. The thing is you don't always have to spend big to have a…

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Australian Political Bullshit

Political Bullshit In Australia I hate political bullshit! I think its absolute bullshit that there is one rule for politicians and another one for the rest of Australia. What really…

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Google Anniversary 2016 Bullshit

I've just got the following email stating I had won £950,000 from Google. Really? Would Google really give away that kind of money just to celebrate their anniversary? Here is…

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