Lunarpages Helping USA’s Public Education System

I’ve been using lunarpages as a host for a little over a month now and I can safely say I am 100% satisfied, not only with the transition but also with the fantastic support that I have received. Today I had received my first news letter from them and I’ve learned that they support the public education system in the States. They were able to do that due to the support of their affiliates. This quote is a portion of the email.

Thanks to our continued growth and referrals from our amazing affiliates, Lunarpages was able to implement a FREE Educational Program in 2005 for K-12 public schools all over the United States. Without you, this FREE Education Program could not have been made possible. Because we use a portion of affiliate related profits to fund this Education Program, we really hope everyone will keep up their intense efforts and really try to increase their sales this next year. We want to offer this amazing gift for years to come as we have received a lot of great feedback from happy schools. This is what makes our jobs worthwhile, when we get to give back to our community. In 2006, we provided school districts across the United States with thousands of FREE Education Accounts, so watch out 2007! Let’s really give something back to our children!

It’s nice to know that there are companies out there who atually pump some of their profits into helping others, and let’s face it the children are the world’s future.

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