Silver, More Uses Than Just Jewellery

There are so many uses for silver apart from rings for your pretty lady. Without silver not only would we be a lot poorer but a lot of our modern equipment would not function properly. Take your car for example, how many of you knew that silver, being an excellent conductor of heat, is used in those little lines on your car’s rear windows to clear it of frost and ice.

Then of course there is the silver tableware and cutlery, but did you know that 44% of all silver is used in photographic film and paper. Also being a great reflector it’s used in mirrors and where would we be without those. Women would be mortified. Most importantly if it wasn’t for silver you would not be reading this post as almost all electrical appliances use silver contacts and switches including computers.

Without silver we would even have to rewrite movie scripts etc, I mean how would we kill those evil Werewolves? Seriously though I’d like to finish off with an all important use for silver and that is as an investment and you can find our more about this at

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