How Some News Headings Suck Big Time

World to see our closed capital

That was the heading in a news article. It’s regarding a Rugby Sevens tournament at Easter in Adelaide and it re-opens the debate about Good Friday trading. According to the article:

A television audience of tens of millions in 136 countries risk seeing Adelaide closed for business if the State Government does not relax Good Friday trading laws.

What a lot of BS! Apart from events such as racing etc where cameras follow the bikes or cars, the only thing these millions will see is the game. The people really pushing for the extra trading hours are the big business crowd who don’t give a rats arse about the shoppers or what sort of picture is painted of our fair city. Their only concern is the bottom line and how they can get more dollars away from small businesses into their own greedy pockets.

Even getting away from the religious aspect, by allowing longer shopping hours, though you may appease the shopper you are forgetting the poor worker who is taken away from his family once again just to make those who couldn’t organize themselves out of a paper bag a few extra hours to by some burgers for the Barbie.

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