Shame On Melbourne Victory Soccer Fans!

I don’t normally like to rant but I am sick and tired of all the negative publicity directed towards Adelaide United over Sundays, 18th Feb, loss against Melbourne Victory. I mean so what if the Umpires were blind and didn’t see that Thompson was off side when he kicked that goal. And what’s the big deal that Adelaide’s United goal was disallowed? I mean Adelaide are supposed to be professionals, so they should just suck it up and play a one sided game. They should know better than to criticize the umpires, as this would send the wrong impression to all the young and upcoming soccer players’ right?

The thing is, that’s not what really pissed me off. What really pissed me off is the actions of the Melbourne Victory fans while Adelaide United were getting their medallions for coming second. The whole time over 40,000 Melbourne fans booed them. What sort of example is that setting for Australia’s young? That it’s ok for losers to be made fun of and ridiculed. They tell me that it’s all to do with the soccer culture and I should accept it, well I say bullshit!

Just as losers should be gracious in defeat, so should the winners. If we condone this sort of behaviour then it won’t be long before the violence happening in European soccer games will be repeated in Australia. So I say shame on Melbourne soccer fans for setting a bad example and shame on Australia’s media for not reporting it.

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