The Budget Knockers That Pissed Me Off!

The day after Costello delivered the budget, that many were very happy with, the knockers came out of the woodwork. The one complaint that really got my goat was the one regarding the $16 per week tax concession. Here you have a Government who has managed to run the country so well that they have a surplus and are giving some of it back and people are saying that they are only handing back what was theirs anyway.

Hello! Wake up Australia! You pay taxes so that the Government can run the country. Once you pay it it isn’t yours anymore. It’s like an employer who decides to give you a bonus because he had a good year, do you slap him in the face for giving it. Go back through the years and see how often Labor has ever handed any back. not very bloody often I can tell you, because every time they are in power the country is in a deficit and they have to borrow money just to stay afloat.

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