Changing Times, From Cubby To Gym Room

Once upon a time many ago, when I had more time on my hands and the kids were old enough to enjoy a cubby house I decided to put one together. I wasn’t happy with what the market had to offer so I decided to design my own. There was no plan as such, only what I had pictured in my brain. It was a bit bigger than normal, just over 9 ft. X 9 ft.

As the kids got older and they stopped using the cubby I decided to do a little refit. This picture shows work in progress. Where you see the new timber, that is where the original floor was.


The first fibre cement board goes up.


Internal shot of room showing level of new floor.


Finished shot of left side.


Right side.


And finally some internal shots.



Hopefully the result of all this is a really buff Sire. Oh, naturally the kids can use it as well.

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