Labor Not Feeding Members Causes Rudd To Eat Ear Wax

If you ever wanted to become the future PM of Australia you’d better be careful of your every waking move. Why? Because while you are on public display you can bet your life that someone out there is going to take a shot of any embarrassing moment that may befall you.

Take for example MR Rudd who would like to be the future PM of Australia. This old video of him when he was a backbencher. He looks bored, as his his colleague Anthony Albanese holds the floor, and proceeds to pick his ear. So what you say? Well all I can say is that he must of missed lunch because he then starts to eat the ear wax. Now that is what I call gross.

Well that certainly was an earful.

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  1. peter petterson

    Well it is much better than picking your nose and chewing it?

  2. Sire

    Either way it’s pretty gross Pete. :mrgreen:

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