The Great Debate & The Biased Worm

I normally do not watch debates because they bore me, yet I did waste 90 minutes of my life to watch the so called great debate between Mr. Howard and Mr. Rudd. Channel 9 decided to have the ‘worm’ present which was supposed to show how the audience rated the participants in graph form. As far as I am concerned the worm was a the most biased piece of technological crap I have ever seen.

The worm was in the positive for Rudd before he got two words out of his mouth, which is BS as you can’t determine a reply with just a couple of words. As for poor Howard, it was in the red as soon as he took a breath.

All in all I admit that Rudd won the debate but he still came across as a snake oil type salesman. I do not trust him or his Union dominated party.

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