Kevin Rudd Responds To Wax Eating Episode

You may have read my post on dear old Rudd eating his ear wax, well I saw his response when shown the clip on Nine’s Today program this morning. To tell you the truth he was quite jovial about it and pretty well laughed it off saying that he was merely scratching below his nose. What is your opinion, eating ear wax or scratching an itch?

My opinion is that he has probably been approached with a clip several times and now has his reaction down pat. My verdict is eating the wax.

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  1. John

    Yes I agree and so do thousands of others judging by the comments on YouTube. For instance an article in thwe Washington Post (Oct 25) went on to question whether an earwax eater would be a worthy Prime Minister.”The question is whether a man with so little savvy for the cameras is fit to hold his nation’s highest office.”

  2. Sire

    Yeah, I did a post on that article here

    Thanks for your comment John.

  3. Nightstalker

    that what I’d expect from a mommys boy like rudd. I would imagine he also eats his boogers among other things.

  4. Sire

    Well Nightstalker, what can I say, except that I reckon us Aussies are going to really feel the pinch if he comes into power and all because ‘we need a change.’ what a lot of crap.

    Thanks for commenting mate.

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