Google’s PR Not So Upsetting For Some


Well, this blog only lost one point and is now PR2, while my Blogsire blog lost three points to PR0, which makes absolutely no sense as I use the same SEO tactics on both blogs and I actually do more paid posts on this one so if anything I would have thought it would have been the other way around.

Now while a lot of bloggers are upset there are some bloggers like my spunky little redhead beauty who have actually gained some points which is as it should be as why shouldn’t be rewarded for all their hard work.

Having said that I feel that seeing as how I have always supported Google, and they have rewarded me by downgrading my PR, I should do something to show my disapproval and rather than jump up and down yelling into the thin air I have decided to uninstall all my Google toolbars. It is after all a service we were providing them, allowing them to monitor our surfing habits and slowing down our computers and we should get perhaps a little something in return.

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  1. Christine

    Oh, thanks honey.

    I can’t believe the number of people who went down in rank, but don’t feel bad. In fact, you should feel honored, as you are amongst the ranks of such sites as

    The Washington Post
    Forbes Magazine

    and many other very influential sites all went down in rank. So, if you look at it this way, they’ve treated you as though you were one of the most important blogs online.

    Ok, it’s a long shot, but what the hell.

  2. Sire

    Oh, that makes me feel so much better…. 😆

  3. Sire

    PR stands for Page Rank and is scored from 0-10,0 being the lowest. It’s a way that Google rates the popularity of websites.

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