Unions And Labor Are Like Two Peas In A Pod

As much as Labor tries to distance itself from Union thuggery and as much as the Unions deny that they will control the government if Labor get in one wonders why all their (the Unions) actions during the lead up to the election is aimed not only at belittle-ling the Liberals but also to lend strength to Labor.

Yesterday there was a security scare while the PM was doing a speech in Adelaide as a Teachers Union official charged at him with a long handled metal basket. Then there was also the the case where another union delegate was barred from a Lobethal pub because of a brawl he started. The whole thing started over an argument about his role in the WorkChoices ad sponsored by the ACTU. Police were also called to to another ruckus where SA union members protested outside outside the electoral offices of Liberal MP Kym Richardson.

Naturally union officials are quick to say that these were not acts of thuggery. Hell what else would you call it when violence is either threatened or instigated?

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