Are We Having A Good New Year?

There are those of us who have had a great start to the New Year and then there are others whose New Year beginnings haven’t been so hot. I am afraid that so far I fit into the latter category.  I must admit that this year has been quite a challenge and somewhat stressful.

It all began when one of our drivers rolled his truck whilst another driver was just about to go on holiday. It wasn’t his fault as the steering arm broke causing him to lose control. Fortunately the driver was alright, but we sent him home as he looked pretty shaken up.
The driver whose holiday was due thought we would cancel his holidays because of the accident but we decided not to as we thought the driver who had the accident would be back at work on Monday. Nope, the doctor gave him another week off. Hopefully, he will be back next Monday. Then yesterday our remaining driver had an accident at the depot slicing his chest open meaning he had to take today off. Hopefully he will be back Monday as well.
So far this year we have had to accidents and lost one truck and facing a$60,000 bill for it’s replacement. One wonders what the rest of the year has in store for us.
So how has your year been going so far?

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