Looking For Sex In All The Wrong Places

This applies to those thinking that they can get a gratifying sexual experience via their emails. I’ve just received two emails, the first from Regina with the subject, ‘it’s Regina’

Do not ignore me please,

I found your email somewhere and now decided to write you.
Let me know if you do not mind. If you want I can send you some pictures of me.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don’t reply to this email.
Email me direclty at iamamoron@ifibelievethis.com

Be real, who is just going to find my email out of the blue and decide to send me some nice pictures of her. If she did she definitely isn’t a ‘nice’ or ‘pretty’ girl. I actually doubt that it is even a girl. It’s probably some bloke jerking your chain seeing what he can suck out of you.

The second is from Esteban Tidwell with the subject, ‘I saw your picture’.

Hello! I am bored tonight. I am nice girl that would like to chat with you. Email me at youwilllloseyourrocks@iamgoingtosuckyouin.com only, because I am using my friend’s email to write this. Hope you will like my pictures.

Don’t you just love it? Another ‘nice’ girl who just happens to come across my picture, saw what a hunk of spunk I was and wanted to have a chat. What I can’t believe is that there actually are some poor saps out there who will actually fall for this bullshit.

These are obviously aimed at lonely or sex starved men who are looking for a quick gratifying sexual fix. Don’t be fooled guys because the only thing you will get from answering one of these emails is heartache and possibly even financial ruin. Too bad I don’t get this sort of crap as at least that would be useful to wipe my arse with.

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    1. BS Artist

      Hey dude, I have always said you were one in a million.

  1. Holly

    I don’t think these emails are geared specifically towards males, as I get probably around 5-8 of them a day–from women. Maybe all women are turning bisexual now and I need to clear my schedule! However, I also get around 75 emails a day telling me that my dick isn’t big enough, too, and more than 100 spam comments on my website telling me all about prescription medications. Apparently I need sexual reassignment surgery and every drug on the market. Hilarious.

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    1. BS Artist

      Good one Holly. Actually these spam jerks do not know the sex of the recipients as they just send out their crap to everybody regardless of sex or age. At least I hope so, because the last one I received said I needed a boob job. :laugh_tb:

  2. tony

    in actual fact these people are quite nasty
    itv recently exposed them in the uk as nigerian scammers,they try and entice you into a supposed relationship,by sending you stolen images of fit babes or hunks,then mention a business trip to lagos.
    lo and behold on the trip they are robbed and need £500 urgent via western union for a flight home
    i’m sure you can work the rest out

    1. BS Artist

      I half suspected that. An Aussie businessman lost thousands because of this type of scam. It’s a shame that so many people get sucked in by it.

  3. manodogs

    My wife was one in a million, too – one of a million chicks I met by e-mail who, remarkably, all had the same e-mail. I guess you can say I have a “type.”

    But she didn’t rob me – she and her bulky male “just-friend” simply borrowed my cash at knifepoint. I… didn’t really need to be carrying all that money anyway. It’s a bad part of that third-world country.

    manodogs’s last blog post..Sleep, Glorious Sleep

  4. BS Artist

    Well I hope your taste has improved buddy. Maybe next time try choose some bird when your not recovering from a hangover 😉

  5. Christine Senter


    It kills me that there are people out there that fall for this crap. I mean, I know there are some desperate people out there, but come on. Go meet someone in a bar like normal people.


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  6. BS Artist

    WHAT! :shock_ee: You can meet people in a bar?

  7. April

    Oh, I get these too!

    I also get the ones for penis enlargement and viagra. Obviously they don’t care if the recipient of the email is male or female lol.

    It really is a pain…. I get so tired of having to delete them out of my email.

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  8. BS Artist

    You and me both. I was getting so much I had to invest in a email spam filter. Thanks for the comment.

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