So, Does Oprah Actually Promote Bullshit?

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OK, this email was weird;

Dear Friend,

First of all, please be assured this is not spam; you have given your email and opted in to this list, which a friend of mine owns, and she has graciously allowed me to distribute this important message to her list as a means of getting the word out.

I will keep it short and sweet. After years of falling for work at home scams, I finally came across a legitimate work at home course that has taught me how to make a great living typing on my computer. I saw it on Oprah’s website, which is why I trusted it, and I’m glad I did. I have already made over $40,000 in a few months.

I am passing it along because if someone had let me know about this sooner, I would have been much better off financially.

You can read the details in my blog:

God bless;

Name Deleted

I am always suspicious when I get an email that says, “be assured this is not spam” as I reckon it makes it totally suspect.  The other thing is that I don’t remember opting in for any list and if I did it’s bloody unethical to give someone else my details.

The link itself does actually take you to a blogspot blog and the post in question is dated Oct. 25 2007! Seems a bit weird that they decide to suddenly resurect a dead blog as that was the last entry. If it was my post I would have at least linked to the Oprah Site. Instead they linked to some stupid article.

The link takes you to PC Training Institute which apparently only have limited positions so have to click on a link to see if there are any positions available in my area. Guess what, there were three positions left. Whooopeee! They actually have three positions in Australia??? O also get the reduced rate of $249 for a course I can complete in a weekend and one that promises me up to $2000 per week.

Now, I’m not saying it is a scam and I’m not saying it isn’t, but it sure sounds like bullshit to me.


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  1. JBO

    Total Bullshit – if you made $40,000 in a month would you go round telling the world? I don’t think so – you would happily continue making the money.

    Also – if you could earn this the more people doing it would mean less money would be earned – total bullshit!

  2. BS Artist

    I totally agree, and you must admit that the word ‘bullshit’ describes it quite well.

  3. Mitch

    I was wondering where the Oprah part was coming in, but man, these people,… I didn’t even know you knew who Oprah was in Australia.

    On another front, there was an infomercial on this morning talking about teaching people internet sales, and all the people on the show “said” they were making more than $50,000 a month online. Yeah, right!

  4. Sire

    Yeah, we know Oprah, my wife watches it almost religiously. I prefer Dr. Phil, lol.

    I agree with you that $50,000 a month is a lot of BS.

    1. Mitch

      I prefer Dr. Phil myself. But I have to say that I find it fascinating that you get both Oprah and Dr. Phil, whereas I think the only Australian made TV show we get here in America is Bindy Irwin’s animal show.

      1. BS Artist

        We get a hell of a lot more than that mate. Shit we even have to put up with Ellen, The Bold and beautiful, Days of our lives, heck I could devote a whole blog on the American stuff we import.

        Are you sure you only have Bindy?

        1. Mitch

          Well, I’m not TV Guide, but I’d be hard pressed to know where another one might be. We do get some BBC Channel out this way, so if they put on an Australian show I wouldn’t know, as I never watch that channel.

          1. BS Artist

            No problems Mitch. The thing is that we do not produce anywhere as many shows that you guys do.

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