Found The Rainbow But No Pot Of Gold

Damn! No wonder they call it the elusive pot of gold. Even when you find the most striking of rainbows you just can’t follow it to anywhere in particular, especially not to where they’ve hidden that pot of gold.

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I took this photo from my front yard. Pretty good I thought.

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  1. timsdd

    Damn son! how many blogs do you have :blink_tb:

    so no pot of gold then?? darn!

    that is some kind of view from your front yard! nice!!

  2. Sire

    Seven hosted and a couple of community ones. :grin1_ee: As for the view, I actually focused over some houses that were in the way.

  3. timsdd

    ahhh, I gotcha. I’d need a boom lift to get over the houses that are in my way!

  4. Sire

    Nope, I’m lucky enough to be able to see right over them. I used to be able to see the city but some moron planted some trees that grew so tall they now block the view.

  5. timsdd

    trees!!!!!? accost on them! :dry_tb:

  6. Sire

    Now, now, we have to consider the carbon offset factor :doh_tb:

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