Do Quality Replica Watches Exist?

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Guys are nowhere as near as fussy as women when it comes to jewelery, but even so I reckon that heaps of guys would love to be wearing one of those expensive watches.

Now I’m not talking about watches that run into the hundreds of dollars, I’m talking about the ones that run into the thousands of dollars. Brand names like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin.

These are the real luxury watches, but the thing is that we can’t all afford that sort of expense. I did a post on a company called Exact Replicas and I wanted to see what feedback I would get from those who had purchased a watch from them. It turned out to be my most popular post as far as commenting went. There were some who were happy with there watch and others who were not, but the general consensus was that their service sucked.

I still believe that a company must exist that supplies good quality replicas as well as providing excellent service. I’ve come across a company called Unique Collections that I hope can fulfill this need and once again I am asking for feedback from anyone who’s had dealings with them, after all they can’t all be bullshit.


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  1. Jason

    All the replicas I have ever seen have been horrible for one or two reasons:

    First, they’re horrible quality, and oftentimes are watch models that don’t even exist. I can’t tell you how many Breitling watches with windowed dials or mock tourbillon movements I saw while walking down Canal Street in NYC last summer…neither of those watches exist, nothing even close.

    The subsequent reason is that they’re conceptually horrible. Not only do they lack the horological significance, fine hand craftsmanship, and other accolades possessed by brands like Rolex and Panerai, but they also demean the wearer. Sure 90% of people might not know the difference, but 10% will and so will you.

    There are plenty of watches similar in style to that of the big names and as I see it you’re better off buying a watch of similar (knock-off) design as the original, but without their name on it. An Invicta instead of a Rolex, a Marina Militare instead of a Panerai, etc.

    Buy real or don’t buy; there are plenty of quality inexpensive timepieces.

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  2. BS Artist

    Hi Jason, what you’ve said is so true, but then again the fact that there is a huge market for ‘knockoffs’ whether it be watches, clothes, shoes, handbags or whatever goes to show that a lot of people simple don’t care. If it looks a bit like the original, can fool 90% of the population and they only have to pay a minuscule amount compared to the original, then its a good deal to those in the market for replica goods.

  3. Jason

    Hello BS Artist, I just had to state my case and opinions 😉

    That said, I am in agreement that given the market for replicas it would make sense for someone to be producing “high-quality” versions, however I am guessing that the difficulty in finding them may be linked to the industry in general. Most of the replica watches are produced in China (a country that isn’t exactly praised for their quality and craftsmanship) and sold by dealers who have to remain somewhat low-key due to potential lawsuits from the big watch manufacturers.

    Additionally, most replica owners wouldn’t admit to their watches being knock-offs and consequently abstain from voicing their praise for a given manufacturer. I do believe that there are a few forums that deal with the subject although I don’t recall the URLs.

    Jasons last blog post..Top 3 Reasons Why Heated Seats Are Evil

  4. BS Artist

    Jason, I want and cherish your opinions. Personally I’ve never bought a knockoff and as far as I am concerned if I can’t afford the real thing then I won’t have anything at all.

    I still reckon that reasonable high quality versions must exist out there somewhere.

  5. BS Artist

    Lucky for those in the Replica market that most people are not of the same opinion, which is a shame because if they were it would probably force the industry to come up with higher quality products.

  6. Ian

    Whilst I would agree with many of the above points, I didn’t buy my replica Panerai Luminor Automatic in order that anyone would be impressed with it (most people have never heard of Panerai, so aren’t impressed anyway), or that it looks like it might have costs thousands and people would consider me to be well-off financially. I bought it because I absolutely love the look of it.

    As far as quality goes: as far as I can _tell_, it is very good indeed, right down to the weight. I wear it daily and have seen no deterioration in the finish in the six months since I bought it.

    Would I spend thousands on a real one? Of course I would, but I just don’t have thousands that I could spend on a watch. So isn’t there an argument for these manufacturers to produce a quality product at a (more) affordable price? Why should quality watches with lasting design ethics be the realm of only the super-rich? I’ll NEVER buy a high-street “fashion” watch… they’re just junk with no real underlying ethos – I’d rather buy a decent “knock-off” any day.

    My all-time favourite watch would be a Glashutte Original Senator Sixties, but I’ll never be able to afford one and as far as I can tell there are no replicas available, so I’ll just have to keep drooling over the images I have of it. :0(

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