Aussie Unions Have Lost The Plot

Honestly, considering the current economic crisis what union would be stupid enough to ask that businesses lift wages by $21 per week. I’ll tell you which union, the bloody Australian union. Considering that only a week or so ago Pacific Brands, an Aussie company that owns businesses including Bonds, King Gee, Holeproof and Berlei, one that has just announced it will cut more than 1,850 jobs and close seven factories. If that isn’t enough they will be taking the jobs overseas, and in the face of just an announcement the unions believe that it’s only fitting that we lift the minimum wage again. After all, it’s not too much to ask that we do it two years in a row is it?

What really pissed me off was when the news report said that the unions believed that businesses could easily afford another pay rise! Are they for real. What gives them the right to make such a brash and stupid statement? Are they privy to businesses profit and loss statements? I think not! It’s times like these when I think that unions have outlived their usefulness. Still, I suppose if they force all the companies to go overseas or go broke the only good thing to come out of it would be the demise of all the unions.


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