St George Bank Notification, Latest Phishing Email

This is the latest phishing, scam, bullshit email that I’ve just received and it’s hitting Australia’s St George Bank customers.

Dear Valued Customer,

This email is your official notification from StGeorgeBank  .Your online NetBank has expired on 01-06-2009 ,if you want to continue  using our service you have to renew your acount if not your account will be deactivated and deleted

To continue please click the link below:

Many Thanks and Kind Regards – StGeorgeBank   Customer Department

© StGeorgeBank of Australia 2009 ABN 48 123 123 124

The link provided will is complete crap as it is unsecured and no bank would do that. Come to think of it no bank would send you an email requiring you to update your details in the first place. The actual link for logging in is That is a pretty big difference isn’t it. The link that they have provided is closer to the home page link which is actually They are close, but not close enough. None of the links actually work on the page provided, the structure of the email is less than perfect and they even got the ABN number wrong.

Honestly, it’s a pretty poor effort and you would have to be a moron to give your details away upon landing on this page.

So, if you’ve received this email, junk it and if you’re still worried about your account, ring the bank and while your at it you may as well tell them about the email.

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  1. BS Artist

    That is so true, and perhaps naivety is not the right term to use. Then again perhaps it is.

  2. BS Artist

    Sure Peter, why not, it will be nice to pop in and say hello.

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