$90 Million OZ Lotto Jackpot Up For Grabs

I don’t usually start my posts with a banner, but I thought this one was perfect as it draws the attention to what this post is all about. Last Tuesday Oz Lotto had the largest jackpot in history, so much so that more people than usual rushed to buy a ticket. Not surprising when you consider that the prize was a huge $50 million.

What was really surprising was that nobody actually won fist prize and so it has now jack potted to $90 million which is unheard of in our lottery history. This is extremely lucky for me as I completely forgot to buy a ticket last Tuesday but there is no way I am going to forget the up and coming draw.

I have one advantage above everyone else because I don’t have to fight the crowds to buy a ticket. I’m doing it the easy way by buying it online, which gives me the added bonus of checking the tickets online as well. No more having to worry about making a mistake when checking it manually.

If you are not yet a member of Oz Lotteries, the mob I buy tickets online from, now would be a great time to join, not just because of the Jackpot as they are offering a free Oz Lotto game. The beauty about it is that it’s not limited just to Aussies, you Yanks and Poms can play as well. 🙂 Oh, and last time I bought a ticket I was actually able to use PayPal to make the purchase.

In case you are wondering about the validity of this site you needn’t worry, as a member I can personally vouch for them, even though all my winnings so far have been relatively small. You may find this quote from their about page of interest…

Oz Lotteries is the exclusive distributor of lottery products via the Internet on behalf of leading Australian lottery exporters, TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales.

Operating in excess of 20 years, TMS has serviced more than 500,000 customers in over 40 countries to date. TMS distributes lottery products worldwide via mail-order, as a direct lottery service partner for a number of Asian and South Pacific nations and its industry leading website www.OzLotteries.com

Oz Lotteries operates under strict government supervision and is an accredited sales agent of the following Australia lottery operators:

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a member for a couple of years and though my winnings have been small, I’ve been paid on every one of them.

Time is running out! The lottery draw ends tonight Tuesday 30th June 2009! There is still time to get your ticket at Oz Lotteries for your chance to win 90 MILLION DOLLARS!

UPDATE: It’s now 9.30 am. It seems that many people have left buying a ticket to the last moment. It must be absolutely mayhem out there. I can just imagine the line ups. You may be put in a queue even if buying online because of the buying furor. Which is cool, because at least you are in the comfort of your own home with a cup of coffee nearby.

Times Up, I hope you were one of the lucky winners. Check out the lottery results at my latest POST! You probably would also be interested in a great new site called Buy Online Lotto Tickets featuring some of the best sites selling lottery tickets from around the globe.

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