The Last Word On Michelle Chantelois

I’ve just come from watching an interview with Kelly Nestor and Michelle Chantelois on the Adelaide Now website. If Mike Rann is lying, and I believe he is, then I stand by my post Did Rann Screw The Labor Party By Having Sex With Michelle Chantelois in that his consistent lying to the public has more than likely screwed over the Labor party more than any other factor. Had he just owned up to it at the beginning it would have been all forgotten by now.

I read in comments on other sites that people think she’s doing it all for publicity and to derail the Labor party. She explains in this interview that the only reason she came out was to defend her husband after whacking the Premier, something I think he deserved, with a rolled up magazine. Had that incident not occurred it may not never have come to the public’s attention. I think it took balls to come out and say what she did, something Rann seems to be lacking.

I’ve also seen others saying it was a political stunt, and that is one of the reasons that Rann won’t take the lie detector test, but I think if he’s truly innocent he should take it. By not doing so it plants the seed of doubt into people’s minds. As to the political stunt aspect, the Liberal party certainly aren’t milking it for what it’s worth, and I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot the Labor party would be having a field day.

One can see from their ads for the upcoming election that most of it is spin and negativity rather than coming up with half decent policies. Shit, only recently Rann has taken credit for the 490 billion litres that may flow into the Murray, something that I’m pretty sure would never have happened if it wasn’t for all the floods over in Queensland and NSW. Could it be that at the moment they have more water than they know what to do with?

Then I heard him, and Michael Atkinson , takingĀ  credit for the reduced crime rate, as if it was all due to Labor policies over the last 8 years. Could it not also be attributed to technology such as car alarms and immobilisers making it harder to steal cars. I wonder what the stats are on robberies and violent crimes, have they gone down or is the reverse true.

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    1. BS Artist

      Yes, but I don’t believe that’s her motivation for coming out. If her husband hadn’t of hit Rann it will all have remained a big sordid secret.

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