Shit, how lucky am I? My email has just been selected at random in a competition that I never even bloody entered and I won a million British pounds! That’s unbelievable isn’t it. You’re damn right it’s unbelievable, in fact it’s bloody bullshit. Yeah I can say bullshit and I don’t have to worry about Google anymore because they’ve already disabled my account on this blog over a post that didn’t deserve it.

But we’re not talking about Google, we’re talking about this email that I received today. Check it out!

Ticket Number: 78945327856619
with Serial Number 445/02
Ref. No: CLA/9080118308/02/Z01




We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our Online Coca
Cola Lottery Promo held on 1St Of Dec  2010 In London, This is a
Millennium Scientific Computer Game in
which email address were used. It is a promotional program aimed at
encouraging Coca Cola Customer.; therefore you do not need to buy ticket
to enter for it.

You have been approve to Claim the Sum Of  $1,000,000.00 (one Million
British Pounds) from
the on line COCA COLA LOTTERY PROMO.To claim your winning prize you are to
contact our Promotions
claim Agent in London as soon as possible for the immediate release of
your winnings with the following
informations below:

Full Names:………………………..
Date Of Birth:…………………………
Full Address:……………………..
Contact Telephone Number:……………………….
Country Of Residence:……………………..

Please Kindly Contact your Claims Agent with above information for the
of your claim.

Mr. Desmond Harry

Mrs.Sandra Micheal
Coca Cola Lottery Award Coordinator.

Naturally this email is a pile of crap and isn’t fit to wipe your arse with. Why these people insist on using gmail or yahoo as their email address is ludicrous. Oh yeah, that’s right they couldn’t really use one from coke because they don’t actually work there do they?

I also found it strange that, seeing how it was supposed to have originated in England and all, how they used a dollar sign instead of the English pound sign. The English is also a little off which suggests it’s probably from somewhere else, possibly Nigeria.

It’s obviously a phishing attempt, and a pretty poor one at that. Still, I reckon someone will fall for it. Don’t let that someone be you!

The thing to remember is no-one is going to send you an email saying you won the lottery when you never bought a ticket. That will only happen if you actually buy one online. You can do that at a site like Buy Lottery Tickets Online which allows you to buy your lottery tickets online from any of the major lotteries in the world.

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  1. Steve Youngs

    Yup, I get several of these every week. I’m a god damned gazillionaire a hundred times over. I also have a four foot long dong and can get you enough viagra to fill a swimming pool for less money than a cup of coffee.

    As far as phishing schemes go, this one is pretty lame. I think it’d take a special kind of idiot to fall for it. The PayPal ones saying that there’s some problem with your A/C and you need to log in to change your password (link conveniently provided) are far more insidious.

    1. BS Artist

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I posted about the PayPal ones. They usually put a lot more effort into it, even designing a website that looks like the real thing, but there’s always a tell tale sign that shows it’s really a fake.

      I’m not so sure though that someone out there won’t fall for this one. Some people are too greedy and too lazy to work out it’s a fake and they may just give it a shot, unless they read this post first that is.

      Thanks for the RT Steve.

  2. Cole Stan

    Until now, there are still emails like this one? I really don’t know what’s in the mind of these people. For sure, if they only lessen the price to make it more convincing, many people won’t think twice to give their personal info! lol I also noticed the grammar. It would be really hard to think that this is a coca cola representative from UK.

    1. BS Artist

      There are so many things wrong with this email it’s hard to think anyone would fall for it but they do.

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