Ez e Sports Betting Update

Easy eSports Betting (ezesportsbetting.com) went live in April of 2014. That means it will reach its first anniversary in just a couple of months. That being the case I thought it would be a great time to do a quick EZ e Sports betting update.

Let me say that I am quite happy about how my sports betting site is tracking. In just that short amount of time it has received an Alexa Ranking of 238,301! This sire is 10 years old and its Alexa Ranking is over 1,355,000!

I wish Google still did PR updates because it would have been nice to know how it would have fared as far as Google PR goes. 🙁

In that time it has had over 38,000 views. The most popular post ever was the Hot Sports Netball Babes post getting over 3,000 views in just one day! Actually I’m not at all surprised that my Hot Sports Babes posts have been so popular. Heck, who doesn’t like looking at hot sports women? Even those sports betting blokes would love to stop for a sec while they check out the hot sports talent.

Speaking of hot sports babes, you should check out my latest hot sports athletes in body paint post. Ten days old and already over 2,600 views!

Responsible Gambling Important

EZe Sports Betting is not all about hot sports babes though. It covers a lot of topics including;

All in all I am more than happy with the way it’s progressing. I haven’t made all that much money with the site yet but I’m sure that in time it will be the best sports betting site around. Those who do visit it and read my posts see that I don’t just talk the talk. I actually use the services of the top online sports betting sites out there so I know what I’m talking about.

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