Can You Trust

Can you trust is an online lottery site. They take your money and get someone to buy a lottery ticket for you. This is great for people who don’t have access to the worlds major lotteries because they live in another country. The question is can you trust to pay you your winnings if you were lucky enough to actually win the lottery?

Trust No You Can’t

trust lottobrokerWhenever you buy anything online you always want to make sure you can trust the person/company you’re doing business in. A lot of the times you can’t find that ‘trust factor’ online. You can search “Is a scam, and I did Google it but it came up with sites that were actually promoting Naturally, they’re not going to give you an honest answer as they’re wanting you to join using their affiliate link.

There is this one site though that gives quite a different outlook on Is Lottobroker a scam? It seems that he was an affiliate who is owed money by Lottobroker. The question he asks, and rightly so, is whether or not you can trust a company who rips off their affiliates? It’s almost like someone ripping off their employees after all their hard work helping to build their business. Its not only wrong, it’s immoral. If they’re going to stoop low enough to do that to their affiliate then I certainly wouldn’t trust them to do the right thing.

I work hard for my money and that means I’m only going to spend it online with people you can trust. Seems to me like can’t be trusted and therefore I’m going to give them a bloody wide birth.

Trust is built when people or business do the right thing. I noticed the post before where they give proof that certain online lottery agents can be trusted. That’s the way I would go when buying my lottery tickets online.

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