YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck

Why YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck

YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck, why? In case you haven’t heard, from February 20th, 2018 YouTube has changed the rules for all YouTube creators. Unfortunately, it only affects the smaller creators like yours truly. From that fateful day all creators who do not have 4,000 hours per year of view time, an almost impossible task for most, and 1,000 subscribers will lose the ability to monetise their videos!

That in itself is a good enough reason for why I believe the YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck.

While I understand their reasoning, that it will improve the quality of creators thereby satisfying the needs of the all-important advertisers, I  don’t agree with it. I agree with the advertiser part but not the bit that all remaining creators are producing good content. Just because they’re getting lots of views doesn’t mean their videos are all that great.

Still, it is what it is, and there is no use complaining about it. I’ve almost got the 4,000 hours view time, but I’m short a couple of hundred subscribers. Which brings me to the reason for this post, I’m looking for new subscribers.

So, what do you get by subscribing to my channel? While, to date, I only have 95 videos, they cover a wide range of subjects, from comedy to ‘how to’ videos.

My latest funny video is about the Top Ten Little Johnny Jokes, all in the form of memes.

Then there’s my video about Formula1 banning the grid girls. Yep, I sometimes voice my views when I think it’s necessary. Something you’ll notice about my videos are they’re all in HD so even if you watch them full screen you’ll have a good experience.

As I’ve been a blogger for many years, I’ve learned a thing or two about WordPress. The next video shows how to migrate your WordPress blog from one host to another.

Most importantly, I believe in sharing the love. So if you subscribe to my channel, I will subscribe to yours.

YouTube New Monetisation Rules Suck