My YouTube Adventure

A little while back I wrote about YouTube changing the rules. I even did a video on it called Is YouTube’s New Rules Fair?

The beauty of having blogs is that you get promote your stuff, like your videos for example. You also get to use specific keywords in the hope that search engines pick up on them.

Take my latest video for example. It’s called Steel Blue Safety Shoes Review. In case those keywords don’t do it for you, it’s a review of Steel Blue Safety Shoes. The trouble with YouTube is the competition. It doesn’t matter what you come up with someone’s already done it. It’s like trying to push shit uphill. Not an easy task at all. Whether Steel Blue Shoes or Steel Blue Boots, Steel Blue are bloody comfortable.

Then there’s my Grammarly review video. I knew when I made it that it wouldn’t be the only one out there. Which is why I decided to take, what I thought, was a different tack. My video shows Grammarly in action. I’m hoping to show viewers just how good Grammarly is and is it worth the money?

Then there is my Beautiful Adelaide Sunsets video. Not getting many views at all, even though there aren’t all that many videos on Adelaide sunsets out there. So, I added Australian Sunsets to the title as well. Hopefully, that would get me a bigger shuck of the search engine results.

An essential part of getting more views on your YouTube videos is making sure you use the right keywords, not only in your title but your description and keywords as well.

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