Tammy Franks Abortion Bill

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I’ve never been one to like the Green’s policy, but nothing has upset more than Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments. You can read Tammy Franks Abortion Bill amendments here.

Tammy Franks Abortion Bill Amendments Consequences

Tammy Franks Abortion Bill

Yes, Tammy Franks speech in parliament may be quite moving. But her watering down of the current abortion bill could have dire consequences. Tammy’s statement focuses entirely on the rights of the mother and completely disregards any rights of the unborn child.

I’ve found ten facts about the abortion bill reform. The one I find most unpleasant is that if passed as it is it could allow abortion right up until birth! At the moment women in SA can have an abortion as long as it’s before 28 weeks and meeting specific requirements.

The watering down of the current bill will give women the right to abort the baby for any reason. “Current South Australian abortion law (of 1969) allows for abortions for physical and mental health reasons, for abnormalities in the unborn child and to save the life of the woman. The Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill removes these exceptions and would legalise abortion for any reason.” An example of this is a woman terminating the baby’s life because she wasn’t happy with the sex of the baby, wanting a boy instead of a girl, for example.

Another point that worries me is that you will no longer have to report the birth of a child that died before or after birth. “For example, it will not be required to report those ‘born alive’ babies who survive the abortion and then are left to die or killed.”

How About The Rights Of The Child

There is no question that babies can be born alive after an abortion. Take for example the WA enquiry into the case of 27 premature babies born alive and left to die in WA. Or even the two born viable babies left to die in Queensland. If we are not going to reports these cases how are the lives of these poor babies going to be protected?

I’m all for looking after women’s rights, but how about looking after the rights of the child. As this article shows, premature babies born between 22-24 weeks can survive becoming valued Australians. Don’t their rights count? Not, if we allow this bill through.

Have your say, sign this petition and help to stop this awful bill.

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