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Whether to use a free or paid WordPress theme is something every blogger ponders over. Most stick with free WordPress themes because it’s the cheapest way to go. I was one of those bloggers. I used free themes for many years but then decided to use a paid or premium WordPress theme and never looked back.

Free Or Paid WordPress Theme Why Paid Is Better

The main reason why I love premium themes is that, as long as you do your research, they can be so easy to configure and offer so many more options than the free WordPress themes. I stress you must research premium themes before buying one because some premium WordPress themes aren’t as configurable as others.

Some WordPress themes offer you a free version to enable bloggers to try them out. The theme I’m using now, FlexSqueeze, had a free version which I liked so much I upgraded to the premium version. Unfortunately, it seems the developer has abandoned Flexsqueeze, and I had to find another theme.

After a lot of research, I’ve decided on the OceanWP Theme. I haven’t updated the theme on this blog yet but its only a matter of time. I am using it on two of my other blogs though. I’ve written a review of the OceanWP theme in a post I called, Best Free WordPress. You should check that post out because it shows some of the nifty things it does, including clickable headers.

Why Clickable Headers?

You may be asking yourself what’s so great about clickable headers? Well, if you’re thinking of blogging for money clickable headers are great for getting those extra affiliate sales. Clickable headers work exceptionally well when you can have different headers for individual posts and pages. I’m using a clickable header on my Best Free WordPress, and I’m also using it on my EZeSportsBetting site. The banner on my sports betting site is promoting the sale of that domain. Check it out to see how critical clickable headers can be for earning money online.

Something else I like about this theme is it’s loads extremely fast once you tweak your cache plugin. You can see how quickly WassupBlog loads using the OceanWP Theme in the image below.

free or paid WordPress theme

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