Latest YouTube Videos 2019

Before I present to you my latest YouTube videos 2019, I want to put it out there that I’ve almost achieved my 1,000 subscribers goal. As I’m writing this post, I have 994 subscribers. That’s just six short of my goal. So, if you want to help me reach that goal, please subscribe to My Bonzer Channel. Also, don’t forget to click that little bell, so you get notified of future videos. ?

Ok, now that we have that out of the way let’s have a look at my latest YouTube videos 2019.

My Latest YouTube Videos 2019

Latest YouTube Videos 2019

Of my last five YouTube videos, the most popular video was the fifth one, You Won’t Believe These Blowjob Jokes. Although that video was way more popular than the one which preceded it, My Passionate Encounter, I prefer the latter one more. Oh well, there’s no accounting for the viewers taste now is there?

My fourth video of my latest YouTube videos 2019 was How To Leave Great Comments on YouTube. I’m proud of this video as it shows you how to leave great comments on YouTube. As the comments that most people leave are somewhat lacking. I firmly believe that if my comments are better than everyone else, then that will lead to increased subscribers and traffic to my channel. Unfortunately, it’s not getting the views it deserves. Obviously viewers aren’t searching for that topic.

Giving YouTubers What They Want

I had a couple of viewers tell me that my sound quality was somewhat lacking. That lead me to purchase a Lavalier microphone. My next video was a review of the Boya BY-M1 Lavalier microphone. It was also a test of the Boya BY-M1 mic.

Is This A Man’s Wallet was sort of tongue in cheek. That video included a poll asking people to vote on whether or not they thought it was a man’s wallet. I think it is. What do you think?

Finally, my latest video is Writing A Letter To A Public Servant. I think this video is hilarious. But then, I may be a little biased. ?

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