YouTube Earnings With 1000 Subscribers

Have you ever wondered about your YouTube earnings with 1000 subscribers? I know I have and now that I have 1000 subs I can share with you exactly how much my YouTube earnings with 1000 subscribers is.

The Honest Truth About My YouTube Earnings With 1000 Subscribers

More than that, I also want to share with you the common misconception that some YouTubers out there are propagating. There are Creators out there that say you can make thousands of dollars with 1000 subs.

YouTube Earning With 1000 Subscribers

It pains me that certain videos are claiming you can make 1,000’s of dollars with a thousand subscribers. Some of them even provide a formula showing viewers how you can do this. I believe their method is flawed and so I put together a video showing the truth about how much you can make with 1000 subscribers. The video will show viewers exactly why I think the notion of being able to make thousands of dollars with only a 1000 subscribers is flawed. dsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsds dsdsdsd sdsdsds ddsdsd

The main issue I have is that these videos assume you have a digital product allowing you to keep 100% of any sales made. I believe that most of the viewers out there, like myself, have to rely on affiliate sales. Which means we only get to keep a percentage of the proceeds, usually about 5% or so.
So, let’s have a look at some of the assumptions these videos make.
These videos say that we usually should be able to convert 1% of our subscribers, so if we have 1,000 subscribers, 1% of those will result in 10 sales.

I could go on, but I think you will understand it all a lot better by watching my How Much Money You Can Make With 1000 Subs video. Apart from showing how much you can earn, it also explains why having 1000 subscribers does not necessarily equate to 1000 views.

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