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I’ve been looking for years for an easy photo editor that will do a professional job. I don’t have the time to process all my photos to make them the best they can be. Besides, I’m too old to learn how to use those professional photo editors like PhotoShop and the like.

Easy Photo Editor That’s Luminar 3

By happenstance, I happened to come across Skylum’s Luminar 3. Naturally, I was sceptical, but then I found that I could trial Luminar 3 for free. Was it the easy photo editor that I’ve been waiting for all this time?

Luminar 3 Final Review

easy photo editor

It turns out that it was all that they said it was. It turns out that Luminar 3 is so much more than a professional photo editor that is so easy to use. Luminar 3 also allows you to organise all your photos using its Libraries. It also has a rating feature that helps you to rate individual images that help you further categorise your pictures.

With Luminar 3 editing your photos is effortless. While the Luminar Looks feature allows for quick and easy editing, you use the right filters, landscape, portrait, etc., I love using the “Quick And Awesome” feature. I was so impressed with Luminar 3 that I bought it, and soon after that, I uploaded my Luminar 3 Review Is Luminar 3 Worth Buying video.

You can see me stumbling around a little as I explore Luminar 3 but the fact that I managed to get everything to work shows just how easy it is to use Luminar 3. I’m so impressed with how good Luminar 3 is I’ve added another gig to my Fiverr account. I’m now offering to edit landscapes to make their images shine.

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