Funny Videos On YouTube

I’ve been doing a bit of research, and I’ve discovered that many funny videos on YouTube go viral. Because funny videos on YouTube are so popular I’ve decided to make my Laughaholics Videos a regular thing.

My Funny Videos On YouTube

funny videos on YouTube

Last month I uploaded, what I believe to be, three funny videos. The first one was the Lazy Husband Joke. This video is about one of the laziest husband I’ve ever come across. A husband that is more interested in his footy than in helping his poor wife. Don’t worry though, the wife gets him back but you need to wait to the end to hear the hilarious finale.

The next funny video I uploaded was my funny alcohol jokes video. This video is a collection of funny alcohol jokes, including funny alcohol-related images.

And then there’s my Girl Lodger Joke. Of the three funny videos, the girl lodger joke is my favourite. It’s about a young woman who is staying in the house of a Scottish couple. She needs a bath, but she can only have one after meeting certain conditions. Things start to happen when the wife notices that the young woman has no pubic hair!! This all culminates in the hilarious finale!

Although I feel all my videos are funny they’re not getting the traffic. No traffic means no exposure and the video needs to to get exposure to gain traction on YouTube. You guys can help me get exposure by likeing and sharing my videos with all your friends.

Don’t forget to check out my Laughaholics Videos, especially my funniest Greek joke video. You may even want to subscribe to my channel. I’m always looking for new subscribers.

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