Sicily Road Trip

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Hey guys, did you miss me? Today’s post, Sicily Road Trip, is the first part of many posts of my Italian Holiday. For the first part of my Italian adventure, we spent two weeks in Sicily. Even though everyone said I was crazy, I hired a car in Sicily to which I attached my Navman Drive Duo 2.0, which came with a dashcam. Read my Navman Drive Duo 2.0 Review.

Navman Drive Duo Tip

When I bought my Navman, I also purchased a 128gig card to go with it thinking it would be enough to record a fair bit of video. I also took my hard drive with me to transfer the video to as I knew the Navman would overwrite files once it ran out of space. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it often enough and lost a lot of videos. Although it would be a pain, on my next trip, I’ll do it daily, which would be a great way to categorize the videos.

My Sicily Road Trip Part One

renault Kadjar review

My Sicily road trip started when I hired the car in Catania, Sicily. I had to get a reasonably large vehicle as I had so much luggage as I had another three adults with me. I ended up with a Renault Kadjar. A great car but way too big for an Aussie in the narrow streets of Italy. If I’d only known I would have paid the extra for an automatic. I probably would have been OK if the Italians drove on the right side on of the road ?.

By the time we left Catania after a 23-hour flight, it was about 11:30 pm. I got lost within the first 15 minutes because I didn’t turn when the Navman told me to. In my defence the street was so narrow I probably wouldn’t have taken it even in the daylight. Anyway, we got lost. The wife was talking to her cousin on the mobile, who was wondering where we were. She sent a photo of the map on the Navman, which was of no help as the cousin didn’t recognize the area. She told us to follow the blue signs to the Autostrada, to which we replied, ‘What blues signs? There are none.’

Eventually, we found a bar with some patrons outside. The wife asked one if he would tell my wife’s cousin where we were and how we could see the Autostrada. No worries. When my wife got back to her cousin, she told us to get out of there because we were in the worst part of Catania! No wonder she wasn’t familiar with it.

Mishap In Sicily


So, we finally got on the Autostrada and coming up to a galleria, what the Italians call tunnels. I noticed a whole heap of these signs pointing to the left. One must have been sticking out more than the others because we all heard a bang and it didn’t take long to realise I had just lost my right-hand mirror! Oh well, at least the sudden noise woke me up ? As if it wasn’t going to be hard enough driving in Italy in a huge left-hand drive manual car, I now had to do it without a right-hand mirror.

Lost In San Gregorio

You’d think getting lost once would be enough hours into your first Sicilian road trip, wouldn’t you? Well, as it happens, we missed another tiny turn off at our destination in San Gregorio (Capo d’Orlando) which resulted in us getting to destination almost an hour later than our expected arrival time.

Views Of Randazzo

Sicily Road trip

Unfortunately, I lost all that footage of our initial arrival in Sicily as I accidentally deleted the directory on my hard drive. I’m still trying to recover the lost, now corrupted files. What footage I managed to not delete starts off with these spectacular views of Randazzo.

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