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Are you looking for the best affordable photo editor? I know I was. I say I was because I believe I have found the best affordable photo editor. I’ve tried the free version of Photoshop, but it was all too difficult for me. I suppose that’s why there are so many tutorials out there. Also, how many of us want to outlay $29.99 a month?

Best Affordable Photo Editor

best affordable photo editor

For me, the best photo editor has to be Luminar 4! At the moment, as you can see above with the holiday special, you can own Luminar 4 for only $109! Normally $119. If you have some extra cash, you can go for their holiday bundle. That’s cheaper than 4 months of Photoshop which would set you back almost $120!

If you already own Photoshop, Luminar 4 will work as a plugin. I love it as a standalone for my MAC. Yes, it does work on a PC.

Is Luminar 4 Easy To Use?

In the few months, I’ve owned Luminar 4 I’ve produced 4 videos. Luminar 4 First ImpressionsDoes Luminar 4 Process Raw Images and Being Creative With Luminar 4. The last video shows me having fun with Luminar. Watch how easily I change the sky of 4 photos. I submitted one of those images to Dreamstime, and they’ve accepted it. And Dreamstime has rejected more of my pictures than they have accepted. Click on the following link to see that photo

What I love most about Luminar 4 is its ease of use. You can enhance your photos with a click of a mouse. Not happy with your sky? Then use one of the skies supplied with Luminar 4 or use your own!

Luminar 4 is also a skin enhancer and a great portrait editor. It even has an erase tool to remove unwanted objects from your photos. That sounds like an excellent idea for a new video to me.

Get Your Copy Of Luminar 4

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