There are so many sites on the net claiming to show you the true path to making money online that most people can’t work out which are real and which are scams. I’ve presented a fair few on this blog and the one way you can tell if someone is trying to scam you is by asking yourself one simple question. Does it sound too good to be true? If the answer is yes then it’s probably a whole lot of bullshit. The truth is though that you can make money online and all it should really cost you is a whole lot of work, and perhaps a small outlay so you can promote your own site if you decide to go that route.

What you’re about to read is a new venture I am undertaking, one where I believe there is money to be made and I want to share my idea with you. If you’re interested in joining me on my journey then all you need do is to read on. If you have any questions just leave a comment.

If you have a blog or a website or are even looking for a new niche, one that has real potential for making you money, then this post for you. You are about to read my latest venture into making money online, one where I plan to use peoples love to play the lottery. Do you know why they play the lottery? Because every time they buy a ticket they say to themselves ‘Why Not? Why shouldn’t I win the lottery?’ It’s a fair question isn’t it? After all, they have as much of a chance to win the lottery as anyone.

Now most people will go to their local lottery agent, once or twice a week, and they will buy a ticket in the hope that perhaps it will be the one to change their fortune. I’m betting that a whole lot of them don’t know that they can buy their tickets online, because if they did, if they knew of all the advantages, they would be more than happy to buy their lottery tickets on a secure online site. That’s why I started my latest niche blog, Buy Lottery Tickets Online!

I didn’t just jump into it. I had a look at what I was up against. I even asked a lot of people what they thought and even though a lot of them said people wouldn’t buy their tickets online I knew them to be wrong, simply because I asked myself why not? Why wouldn’t people buy their tickets online. Look at all the things that people do online today that they never used to.

  • They do their banking online
  • Online dating services
  • Pay bills online
  • Buy groceries online
  • Stuff groceries, they buy just about everything online from tickets to the theatre to cars
  • Book holidays online

The list is endless and yes they even buy lottery tickets online so all those who say people won’t visit an online lottery site and make a purchase are being very short sited. I, on the other hand can see the opportinities and I know that the longer I wait the harder it will be to get a foothold in the marketplace.

My lottery blog only went live last Wednesday and by using the marketing plan I outlined in my post titled How I Am Marketing My Online Lottery Niche it is currently sitting on page 8 of Google up 6 pages from when I checked two days ago. I reckon that’s pretty damn good and I’m sure that in time I can get it to page one.

What I am looking to do with this post is to offer others the opportunity to get into the online lottery market because I believe as a lottery affiliate you have the chance to build a good passive income, one that is better than your normal affiliate. The reason being that with other affiliates you only make money on completing the sale of a product. As a lottery affiliate you make money every time those who have signed under you purchase a ticket. The more people you have under you the more money you will make and if they buy tickets on a weekly basis you’re making a percentage of that. Do you see the potential?

For those of you who can see the potential you can sign up as an affiliate at MyLotto and as an affiliate you can promote lotteries from all over the world using their site. You may not want to start your own niche, although I think a niche is the best way to go, there is no reason why you can’t do it from your current site. I am currently making around $50 a month, prior to starting this niche, and all from a few posts on my blogs. I would also like to point out that on those posts I’m only promoting the Australian lottery! Imagine the possibilities once I drive traffic to my latest site offering them a chance to buy a ticket from almost anywhere they choose?

Sure, I’m going to make money if you join up under me, but not unless you personally are making money and you will make money once people start buying their lottery tickets after clicking on your link, and if you also drive people to MyLotto then you will be adding to the amount of your income. So, ask yourself, why not become a lotto affiliate to guide you on your way along the road map to success.

You may want to keep an eye my online lottery site as I will be adding affiliates to it as I find them. Heck, you may even want to subscribe, and if you do start your own site perhaps we could exchange links. For now I want to leave you with some of the marketing tools available from MyLotto and I would also like to add that these banners come in all languages so it doesn’t matter what country your from you can still become an affiliate. One last thing, it’s free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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The banners come in all shape and sizes and languages. They even have flash banners

Maybe you would like to show them the upcoming draws of the lottery of your choice?

There are even ones to show your loyal readers the results of the latest draws. The knowledge that your site has the latest information on lottery results and upcoming draws would make for a very good draw card. You can have all this simply by joining MyLotto.

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