A Paid Bloggers Life

Up in the morning, at the break of dawn
Catch the morning sunrise, one big yawn
A mug of coffee, steaming hot
Check for tasks, or maybe not

Emails first, to see what’s new
Maybe a comment out of the blue?
Yay, there’s one, what does it say?
Was it good, will it make my day?

Comments aside it’s time to think
Tasks are waiting I’m on the brink
Take too long they will disappear
To other bloggers who show no fear

PayPerPost is my daily stop
With the most tasks they are tops
I pick the one that pays the most
Must be quick and do this post

That was good, it didn’t take long
Submitted the post, can do no wrong
Need a filler to take up space
If I had saved one that would be ace

Search the net for more ideas
In times like this you need a seer
Come on dick, don’t take all day
Hurry up someone will take your pay

The day is over, my posting done
I glance outside at the setting sun
A bloggers life is really cool
Those who watch simply drool

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