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OK you guys, let’s get with the program, especially those of you who haven’t got a PR ranking yet. Wouldn’t you like to get more attention from search engines such as Google and obtain a better technorati ranking? Well it is possible but it ain’t going to happen if you just sit on your backside waiting for it. Crank up your keyboard and start writing a review on this blog, which btw, just happens to be a PR3 so it will certainly do those of you with no ranking a whole lot of good.

Once you’ve written your review either leave a comment with a link to your review or email me at and I will return you the favour.

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  1. Christine Senter

    Hey hon.

    I havent’ written it yet, but will be doing a review of this blog before the end of the day.

    Love ya babe,

  2. Sire

    Right back at ya Christine. Thanks.

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