The Art Of Making Love

The true art of making love
Is not all push and shove
It’s really about give and take
And the sacrifice you make

Sure, sex can be really great
But let us not tempt fate
Without love it’s an empty gesture
An adult toy may offer more allure

It’s not all sweaty skin
As it comes from deep within
A whispered word and gentle touch
Even listening is not too much

Appreciation of the things they do
And never to forget to say I love you
Helping out will not go astray
And may eventually even lead to play

Admitting when you are wrong
Surely shows that you are strong
The ones who are really weak
Are the ones who refuse to speak

The art of making love you see
The same for you as it is for me
Treat them as you wish to be treated
And love will always be undefeated

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