Google Is Like A Woman

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Google’s like a woman
As fickle as can be
Use all The SEO you can
She’ll crush you like a flea

You real all the SEO tactics
You apply it to your blog
Then those Google pricks
Give your Rankings a flog

Women like to change the rules
And Google is just the same
She acts as if all bloggers are fools
For trying to play the game

On minute your feeling happy
Your PR is pretty good
Then you’re feeling crappy
And you wish you understood

Yeah, Google is no lady
The way she treats her fans
Her actions kind of shady
Ruining many bloggers plans

We all don’t rort the system
Yet she treats us all the same
Yeah, we’re not all like them
Spammers should wear the blame

Bloggers have to live too
Paid posts are just a job

Oh Google if you only knew
You’re acting like a slob

We can’t use rel-nofollow
As then we won’t get paid
Your rules are hard to swallow
Us bloggers all feel so betrayed

Well I say stuff you whore
I removed your stupid toolbar
Though my rankings may not soar
My content you cannot mar

Hell, who am I kidding
Please give my PR back
Your Praises I will sing
Just cut me some slack!

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Christine

    Robert Frost has nothing on you. LOL

    Great poem.

  2. Sire

    WOW! I had to YAHOO Robert Frost. I don’t think I am anywhere near as good ,but I thank you all the same.

    Ya know I never realized how good YAHOO was. So what is google again?

  3. Christine


    I personally have renewed my love affair with

    I used it all the time when it was “”.

  4. Sire

    I’ve always liked ask but forget to use it at times

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