The Tale Of The Bunyip!

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Jut a little poem I put together.

Duncan And Norm’s big night out
Down at the pub, it was Duncan’s shout
Two schooners, the boys did order
A noise made em take a gander
Arunta, the local Abo, was on a chair
Spinning a yarn to all who was there
The two ocker friends walked on over
The beer in their glasses really chocker
Arunta’s yarn had them all enthralled
Especially the Bunyip the legend called

The cry of the Bunyip, we were told
Would make a mans blood run cold
Some would say it had the tail of a horse
Others that it had the tusks of a walrus
But all agree so you pay some mind
They prefer women or even a child
In swamps or billabongs they can be found
And all would run from its hideous sound.

“Come off the grass,” from the bludging Bruce
“You expect us to believe that you sill ol’ goose”
Arunta goes quite and the spell is broken
He clams up, not one more word is spoken
Norm calls Bruce a git and told “go to buggery”
The tension builds, will they have a barney?

Bruce, aware of Norms fighting prowess
Was looking green around the gills, a mite distressed
To everyone’s jeers he left the room
Knowing if he hung around he’d meet his doom
Duncan slaps Norm on his broad back
His smile so wide you’d think his face would crack
They look for Arunta to hear more of the Bunyip
But in the ruckus outside did he slip
The two mates looked at each other
Said what the fuck and went back to the bar.

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