Women Lose Thousands To Online Internet Romeo

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What is it with some women that they get sucked in by some moron claiming that he is a Grammy-nominated artist? Shit, exactly how many warning signals do they need? You would think the fact they met him on an Internet Dating site would be warning enough that they should keep a tight hold on their purse strings. Hell, don’t they watch Judge Judy? Anyone who watches the famous Judge Judy would know better than to give money to some guy they met on the Internet.


These women could be forgiven if this guy was some sort of hunk but from what I could see the only way he could be seen to be attractive was if he wore a bloody paper bag over his head. I find it surprising that this bloke, Paul Krueger, was able to swindle more than $100,000 out of 13 women! Not one but thirteen. Who knows how many more he could have sucked in if the law didn’t get their hands on him.

Let this be a lesson to all women out there. Men are not to be trusted, especially those you meet on the net who then ask you to invest money on some scheme of theirs. Come on ladies, we are the ones who are supposed to do our thinking with what’s between our legs. What is your excuse?

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  1. BS Artist

    I think it is best to be alone than to have leeches like this guy suck you dry, and I ma not just talking about money either. Honestly, if you just meet a guy and he in some fashion want to get hold of your cash, what is it they say in the States, “Kick him to the kerb?”

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